Email Security


At Masterpiece, we utilize the most current email security protocols to keep your emails flowing into your client’s inbox and not to spam, as well as keeping you safe from phishing and online scams.
Mobile Device

Email Anywhere

Access your emails from any device. We offer email syncing with Android and Apple phones using your Gmail or Outlook client.
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No Hassle

Let Masterpiece handle all of your email needs. We will set up and maintain them flawlessly so there are no interruptions between you and your clients.

Masterpiece Email

Powered by Gmails client, our email works to connect you to your clients.
$5 per month


Email using the power of
G-Suite with Google Docs, Calendars and 30GB of space.
$9 per month

Microsoft Exchange

With 1TB of space, Exchange provides advanced features and security.
$9 per month (annually)

Professional email

Having a professional email sets you apart from your competitors. At Masterpiece, we do all the heavy lifting. We set your email up with your domain provider so that your emails flow into mailboxes and not into the spam folder.